A new look?

For those veterans of our site, those who might be wondering what has happened, we thought that a little explanation might be in order.

Our old site, which was with a different hosting provider, was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and much of it was lost when they introduced a new site building system. We have therefore moved to a new provider, and have begun to rebuild our site from scratch.

It will take a while, I’m sure, but we are hoping to get something akin to our old site, only newer and fresher, up and running soon. We are hampered by only having feeble computing skills, but hey-ho – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so the saying goes.


On a sadder note, we will no longer be putting up pictures, onto our site, that people send in to us of our puppies in their new homes. We will still be very glad to get them, don’t get me wrong, but we will not post them on here.

This is due to us becoming aware that these pictures, of peoples pets, were being taken from our site, having the context changed, and distributed for  reasons for which they were not intended. Some people really need to grow up. They may not like crossbreeds, or us, but that is not an excuse for that sort of malicious* behaviour.

As there is nothing that we can do to stop this happening, and we would not like to think of someone seeing their pets pictures turn up somewhere that they did not want them to be, we have reluctantly decided to stop posting pictures of our grown pups. We will still be able to post them in an e-mail, if we have them, but that is all. So sorry.


  * malicious
 characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm.