These puppies have been homed now, but we will be breeding Bagles again.

This is a litter of Bagle puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, that we have coming along now.

The pups are f1 hybrids, and have a Basset mum and a Beagle dad – both our own dogs and here to meet.

  these pictures were taken when they were coming up to 4 weeks of age, so they have a way to go as yet.  They are due to be ready to leave us from the 1st of December onwards.

  these are for the people on our list, before we advertise them more widely. 

They are doing very well, and are already starting on solid food, albeit wetted down a lot.

I would draw your attention to the lighter, tan-coloured, hairs that are showing up on them. These are recent arrivals, they were born mainly black, and there is no telling how far they will go.  Some already have quite a lot. Just for your information. 

we are planning to start to have visits in the next day or two, and you would be most welcome to come and meet these little dears.  please get in touch if we can be of any further help at all. 

we hope you like the pictures.

  only one girl available now, the one named as Vix. She is the darker one (orange collar) in this video.there are also new pictures of her on this page.

These pictures were taken on the 8th of December, and they are of Vix.