Bagle puppies, ready in mid-February.

All of our Bagle puppies are now homed.

Some updated pictures of a litter of Bagle puppies,  Beagle/Basset f1 hybrids, that we have coming along. 

the pups are due to be ready to leave us from the 16th of February onwards.

the pups are available to view now, and you would be welcome to come and meet them. There are 4 boys and 4 girls in the litter. 

please do get in touch if there is anything we can do for you.

new pictures of the pups, now that they are all ready to leave us.

they have been through their vet-check, and have had their first vaccination done. 

there are older pictures, of the pups in their “younger days”, further down the page.

First, the Boys….

 and now the girls…..

pictures, taken on the 5th of february, of the 4 boys.

some new pictures, taken on the 4th of Feb, of the 4 girls.

these pictures were taken when the pups were 5 weeks of age, and are of a “family group” type.

these pictures were taken when the pups had just reached 3 weeks of age.