Bagles looking for a new home.

these bagles have found new homes now.

two lovely bagles, a boy and a girl, that are having to find new homes.

a sad story, but not mine, and so i will just say that it is down to an illness in the family that had them, one that has resulted in them coming back to us for rehoming.

nothing to do with the Bagles themselves, and they were very much loved. in excellent health, all veterinary bits up to date, their own food and bowls.

it would be nice if they could go together, or to one family, but we will be happy if they just find people to love them.

they are cousins, on the mother-side, and there is about 6 weeks between them in age. Bella is the older, and was born in July ’19, whilst Bertie was born in September ’19.

neither is neutered.

please get in touch with us if you think that you could offer these dogs a loving home.