All homed now, but we will have more Beagliers later in the year.

These little dears are due to be our first puppies ready to leave in 2024, and we think it is a good start.

  these are a litter of f1 Beaglier puppies, one boy and three girls, and tey are due to be ready to leave from the 5th of January onwards. 

These have a cavalier king charles spaniel dad and a beagle mum. both parents are our own dogs, and are here to meet.  We bred mum ourselves, and so the puppies granparents are here as well

these pictures were taken at 18 days of age, and so they only just have their eyes open now. They move about som3, but it’s more of a wobble than a walk.

  It will be a little while before they are ready to view, but please do get in touch with us if you think that you may be interested come the time. This is usually sometime around the four weeks of age mark.

  There will be more pictures to follow, but this is just the early notice for people on our “to contact” list.

  we hope you like the pictures.