Cockalier puppies, ready early in February.

A litter of Cockalier puppies that we have coming along now. 

There are 4 boys and 2 girls, and they are due to be ready to leave here from the 4th of February onwards.

  These pups are f1 hybrids, and have a Cocker Spaniel mum and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dad.  Both our own dogs, and here to meet.

  the puppies are now at the stage where they are ready to meet people, and you would be very welcome to come and see them.

we hope you like the pictures, and please get in touch if we can be of any help at all. 

the videos are of the two girls and a boy – plus both parents.


These pictures were taken on the 20th of January, and are of all the puppies.

Early pictures, taken on the 7th of January…..