this page is mainly dedicated to pictures sent to us by people who have our puppies. There are odd ones that we have taken ourselves in here, but mainly they are pictures kindly sent to us.


Biscuit, a Jackapoo. 

Just wanted to send a few pics to you of our beautiful Jackapoo, Biscuit (Bizzy). She was one of the litter born 28/12/19.

She is a little dream, doing well with her training, she adores everyone and is so friendly, and we love her to bits.

We just saw the pics of her sister, Nancy, on your website and remembered you telling us that one of Bizzy’s sisters would be off to Menorca. I hope she has found a happy home now. Was interesting to see how different the puppies look to each other!



Winnie, a Borderlier.  

I just wanted to let you know that 3 weeks on we are getting on so well with Winnie . She is growing well and responding well to training . I’ll send you a couple of photos.

We just wondered if you could send us a photo of her parents and give us an idea of what to expect her final body weight to be ?

Many thanks .


Denzil, a Jackabee. 


Hope you are well.  I thought I would drop you a line as have been looking at your site a lot recently as we are considering getting another pup. We got our current dog from you.  Below is a picture of Denzil our Jackabee, he will be 11 in July, we would love another Jackabee If possible as Denny has been such a lovely addition to our family, but haven’t seen any for a long time. 


Wilson, a Cockapoo    4 years old today. 

Hope you’re keeping well.
Just to give you an update on our Cockapoo “Wilson”! It’s his 4th birthday today and he’s started the day with homemade carrot and banana PUPcakes! Who doesn’t love cake on their birthday?!
Wilson is a massive part of our family and we love how playful and cuddly he is. He loves his daily walks and watches the birds on the bird feeder when he’s at home.
Wilson is also excited to become a big Brother in June as we’re expecting our first child!

Thank you so much for breeding our furry best friend. He is a beautiful dog!


 paddy, a jackapoo.

Just wanted to update you guys on Paddy! He’s a wonderful, healthy pup! He’s a wild one, full of character and not scared of anything, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hes growing up great but unfortunately yet to experience the pub! Hopefully when all this is over. Instead he’s learning alot of tricks while stuck at home!



 Diesel, a sharp eagle.    4 months old.

Hope you are well, 

Just sending you an update to let you know Diesel is doing well and growing fast.

Hope all is well and have attached a photo taken last week for you to see. 


 koda,    a bagle.

As it is nearing her first birthday I thought I would send you an update on my bagle, Koda. She is the maddest, happiest, weirdo I have ever met. She gets on with everyone she meets, human and animal and she is in love with her bashar cousins who live with my parents. I couldn’t decide on a couple of photos to send you so I’ve made a few collages.   


willow,   a cockapoo. 

hi Gary – we just wanted to send you a quick photo of little (getting bigger) Willow – the cockapoo puppy we bought from you back in late January.

She is lovely and the fantastic addition to the family that we hoped for! 




summer, a beaglier. 

We couldn’t be happier with our one.  We renamed her Summer. She’s the smallest of the litter at 11kg and totally daft!  Gorgeous breed.

  Thanks ! 


Mimi, a Norfolk Mountain Dog.

  Three and a half years old now. 


shadow, a Jackapoo.   18 months. 


  Snowy, a Shihpoo. 

Now that Snowy is six months old, I wanted to sent you some photos so you can see how he is getting on.

He is a lovely, loving, energetic ball of sunshine, his only downside is he is occasionally stubborn but I think we all are.

There should be twelve pictures attached of just day to day life with him, the pictures should be in chronological order so you can see how much he has grown. 

Thank you.


 ozzy, a Cockapoo. 

Just a quick note to say we’ve had a wonderful first year with Ozzy.  He’s been a challenge for sure but he is a perfect dog, he keeps us active as he loves his walks and time off lead on the beach.
I cannot believe he’s now 1 year old.
Thank you so much for our perfect gift he helped us get past the grief of losing our other dog Bear.
I’m going to try and attach/send a photo over to you. 


Doug, a Bagle.      6 months old. 

Thanks so much for coming back to me with your opinion on the neutering etc, its a big help as we wasn’t sure when the right time would be and eager to get him done as he is slowly getting cheekier as the days go by!! Haha.

We will book an appointment with our vet too and discuss with them so we can hopefully get him booked in.

He is a big lad, he seems to just grow over night – every night! Lol. His character and temperament is amazing, he couldn’t be more perfect for what we was looking for and in the future no doubt we will be back to you for another gorgeous boy!

Thanks again!


Jack, a j.r.t.

I thought you may like to see the pictures of Jack ( formally Marvin) we collected Jack from you back in August 2017, he has brought nothing but absolute delight. Everyone he comes into contact with comments on his wonderful nature especially for a Jack Russell, this just proves the attention you both put into the breeding of such great puppies. His coat and markings are also frequently commented on.

Have just seen on your website the batch of Jackapoos………….. must get off looking at these, they are just so beautiful.


  Louis, a ba-shar. 


11 years ago we got Louis from you – he is still going strong and no sign of giving up yet!

Do you still breed Basset Shar pei crosses? Not after one now but pretty sure the wife and kids will want another eventually.


percy, a bagle.

Hi, just thought I would show you some pictures of how well yogi, now called percy,  has settled in. He really is a very happy contented little guy. Thank you so much.


Dougal, a Jackapoo

Thought you might like some recent pictures of Dougal. What an amazing, sweet, friendly, loveable,  intelligent little boy.   We adore him.


  Maisie, a Cockapoo. 

Hi Gary just thought you might like to see a photo of my Cockapoo Maisie I brought her home on in March 2019. She has just had her 1st birthday she is a gorgeous girl, very clever and a little bit naughty wouldn’t change her for the world. She has taken over our house and we love our fur baby….


Dougal, a Poochon.

 Hi Gary & Marion,

Just thought we’d give you an update on Dougal (formerly Theo), which we got from you in November 2019.

He is a dream puppy and has settled into his home with our 10 year old Son and 12 year old cat. He is also so sociable and good with other dogs.

We adore him and he has such an amazing personality. He was so well house trained and from the first few days he got the hang of our family life.

As Gary said he is ‘bomb proof’!

Thank you so much.

P.S he is still a scruff and has a straight coat, even though he’s part poodle! We wouldn’t have him any other way.


Wispa,  a Poodle.

Wispa has settled really well, and I swear she’s grown in the last week. She is quite comfy on the sofa.


elsie, a Jackapoo.

Just a quick email to let you know Elsie has settled in very well here. Third night was last night and we didn’t hear a peep from her all night. The kids loves her and she’s great with them. We’ve had a few accidents in the toilet department but we’ll get there in time. 

Thank you to yourself and Marion for holding her for us for a few weeks and for the food and information you send us home with. I’ve attached a few pictures. 

Many thanks again and I hope you and yours have a good Christmas and a happy new year.


a christmas card from luther.


Narla, a Cockapoo. 

Hello Gary,

We got a cockapoo puppy from you in July 2019 and she is doing EXTREMELY well, we are so happy with her .


honey,  a Norfolk Mountain Dog. 

also known as a sharp eagle, and seen here at three years of age. 


Ollie, a beagle.

We have one of your gorgeous pure bred Beagle puppies who is now 7 months old and absolutely thriving. It’s fair to say that the whole family has fallen in love with the breed!!!!



puddin, a cockalier.

This is Puddin that i got from you!! your litter born on the 6/5/17!now 2 years old i thought i would email you some pictures of her and let you know, she is the most loving little girl, she is gentle, shes is the most loving towards children and at only 10kg is very dinky too! my niece is wanting a cockalier but i havent noticed you have had any more litters… are you likely too? honestly i cannot thank you enough for letting me have the most precious little girl!!! shes so happy and a very quirky character to say the least! 


Layla, a Beaglier. 

Hi just a update now layla is one year old, she doing really well. loves everyone, even if they don’t like her lol. Here is a picture of her on her  birthday.


 Arthur, a Borderpoo.   

Hi Gary
Arthur now 16 months had his first shoot day experience . Beating alongside the spaniels – he can do anything .
He slept like a log after 6 hours in the fields.


Amber, a Beaglier. 

Hi Gary, 

It doesn’t seem possible that Amber has been living with us for over a year. 

She has been great fun to have around and is a loveable mischief maker. Her favourite things are playing fetch, sniffing and stealing. She is a big fan of a fuss and a cuddle but cannot stand water. 

We have a lot of photos but here is a selection. She can also be found on Facebook through Dog Walking and Pet care Tonbridge. 

We love having her in our home

1. Chilling out at a scent work class.

2. Playing her favorite game.

3. On a walk with some of her friends.

4. Her 1st trip to the beach.

5. Don’t leave your chair out!


teddy, a Poochon. 

Not sure if you get much feedback once you have  homed your puppies but we brought Teddy (poochon) home a week ago last Friday.
As you can see he has made himself right at home and he’s a right little character.
He is such a sociable little thing and has mixed well with our other animals (see video)
Thank you. 


Ruby, a Yorkiepoo. 

Hi Gary and everyone, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful puppy (Ruby).

She has settled nicely in just 4 days and is adorable ( she’s the boss now).

I have attached a short video please feel free to use it for marketing if you wish.

Thanks again.


Lynx, a Cockapoo. 

Hi Gary !
Hope you all doing ok . Just wanted to let you know that today my little boy Lynx is four years of age ! Happy birthday to Lynx !


Lucy, a CAVAPOO.

 this is Lucy, formerly known as Candy, we collected her from you on 03/05/19
so she is now 6 months old,she is absolutely adorable .We thought we would just update you and let you know how pleased we are with her.



Cooper and Bentley – norfolk mountain dogs. 

Hi Gary and Marion,
I have been looking at your pups page, and thought I’d send some pics of ours for you Bentley is now 6, Cooper is 5, we love them dearly and still so glad we found this breed, cant Thankyou enough!! 


Wilbur, a Beaffy. 

Its nice to see you are still going strong and you bagle pups look absolutely stunning. 

We bought our beafy, Wilbur, from you almost 9 years ago and thought you might like to know, he’s just had his 9th birthday and he’s still going strong.

He’s been a fantastic dog, so loving and healthy, although he’s not overly keen on other dogs invading his space.

As you can see from the attachments though, he’s a very “lazy ol boy”, but we love him 😍


reggie, a poochon.

Hi, was just looking on your web page and saw a pic of (hedgehog) Reggie’s brother & thought I’d send in a pic of Reggie too.

 We got Reggie last year from you, he’s been a perfect addition to our family, we couldn’t of asked for a better dog. Very intelligent & easy to train, amazing around children, loves people & other dogs, such a loving pet.

Thank you, if you could add this to your page please.


dougal, a Jackapoo. 

just home…. Settling in well already. Thanks for a lovely little pup .


  Jetson, a Jackapoo….

just thought you would like to know how jetson is getting on  he is a complete little character, here’s a picture of him with my other dog.


Luna, a Beaglier. 

Our Luna 💕

She’s been amazing, responded so well to puppyclasses! Very intelligent and food driven. Good as gold at night and pretty much toilet trained, she’s been a joy to our family. 


max, a Cockapoo.

  Just little note – today is exactly 2 years  since little Max came to live with us to his forever home !


theo, a Mini Daxi. 

We have renamed Willem,
Theo and he is settling in so well,
He loves getting cosy on the sofa with us



Barney, a cockapoo. 

I bought a cockapoo from you last year, then  named hugo. Now called barney.

 I thought it might be nice to let you know how is doing.
He is 18 months now, took quite a while to toilet train. And wees when he gets excited seeing people, apart from that he is a lovely poo baby, loves his cuddles and walks, very much like velcro with me. He has had his big boy op.
I couldn’t imagine life without him.


 Maggie, a cavapoo.

  We picked up our little Cavapoo from you today, we wanted to send these pictures over as I was telling your wife I planned on getting a picture with my daughter and Maggie wearing bows for their first photo together!

She is very much loved by all the family already, we adore her!


Ziggy, a Cockapoo. 

Just to let you know Ziggy has settled in well just had some whining first night but ok since.
                5 weeks has flown by but toilet trained, sits and paws walks are our next target he is quite good but does a bit of tugging but he is so quick to learn.
                 He is a very social little character he sees the grandchildren nearly everyday love everyone, he is very good with other dogs who all seem bigger than him at the moment but no aggressive behaviour just wags his tail and sniffs.
                  I have just attached a few photos the last couple from today. 


Bruce, a Jackapoo.

We got Bruce our jackapoo pup from you in December, just thought I’d send a few photos to show how he’s grown up! A mischievous and friendly pup who has to say hello to everyone! Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

This is him before he had a trim! A scruffy pup indeed!


 Chewie, a Beaglier.

Just wanted to pop you a little email to update you on Chewie. She has settled in amazingly well, and is most definitely part of the family. She is getting on really well, and is such a lovely natured little puppy. The boys are loving playing with her, and help to wear both themselves and her out. She loves being a lap dog, especially in the evenings, and loves giving out lots of kisses to people too. She’s very social and loves people. She’s got the typical beagle character when she doesn’t want to do something though!

Yesterday she was enjoying lying in the garden in the sun, and is desperate to get out for walks


Prince, a beagle.

I hope everybody is well. As promised, I have attached a few pictures of Prince in the last 2 weeks. Just an update, he is doing very well, adapting to city life and keeping all of us on our toes in a positive way. He just had his 2nd vaccination yesterday and has put 1kg since we picked him up. It was nice meeting and making business with you. We will keep your contacts in our records for future recommendations.


 charlie, a Cockapoo.

Now Charlie is one thought you might like to know what a fantastic dog he is, so loveable not very good at dog training but best of the three cockapoos there. Such a character we love him to bits. Thank you


Waffle, a Cavapoo.

Hope you are both well .  Thought I’d just send a pic of Waffle now she’s just over 6 months old . She’s such an adorable little girl – weighs just under 5kg now . She’s very clever , obedient and loving and we can’t imagine life without her .


charlie, a poochon

  Charlie (Hedgehog) our Poochon we got from you last years is doing great, he is really cheeky and a big part of our family.


Sharp Eagle

at the beach…


daisy, a Beaglier

Today is Daisy’s third birthday – the beaglier pup I bought from you – then named Kate. I just wanted to let you know that she had turned out to be the most delightful pet. She is confident, friendly and playful – adores children and loves spending time in the garden with me – my own ‘Nigel’! She runs to greet everyone person and dog she meets and her tail wags constantly. I’ve enclosed a few pics so you can see what a beautiful looking dog she is. She was at the vets having her claws clipped recently and the vet commented on what a lovely dog she is – he has two beagle crosses himself. Thanks for providing me with such a lovely pet who keeps me company in my retirement and instincts on taking me for two long walks a day.



New tricks!


good job this is not an audio file.


smokey, a Bocker puppy…..

seems to be settling in well.


Luther, a Daxi pup……

Luther is doing well and has turned into a beautiful boy.
He’s very loving and just a little naughty and spirited as any good dachshund should be.
I am so happy to have him in my life.
Thank you he really is a beautiful little dog 😊


arthur, a borderpoo….

Arthur just perfect .
Took him to Fram dog show did cutest pup class and he Didn’t win ( how wrong can the judge be 🙂 )
He now does advanced obedience and a little agility and he just does it .
Also I take him to a gun dog trainer once a week and he is up there with the labs , spaniels on obedience but retrieving is not his thing – he waits , fetches then comes back to me without the ball – so funny. 


daisy, a Bocker pup 

First day and night going very well with Daisy and settling in with her big sister Luna!


from way back, a beagle story….

Hi there my name is ***** I got one of your beagles 11 years ago he has been the best dog I could ever ask for I wonder if you had the name of his dad and even a picture if possible ? I would love to share my story with you if you are interested in hearing it he has had a good life he has a wife and son that are my beautiful pets also his son is the most handsome thing you will see .


waffle, a cavapoo.

Just thought I’d send a few pics of Waffle – she’s an absolute joy to us and such a clever little dog too . Everyone loves her and she’s settled in so well . We couldn’t imagine life without her !


Colour change…..

Little Freya, a cavapoo, and the change in coat that she is having.

the first picture was on the 4th of April, the second on the 19th and the last on the 30th.


Bunny, a Cockapoo.

fell asleep having his picture taken.


max, a cockapoo.

seen here at 7 months of age, and has settled into family life very well.   A much-loved pet.


ubba, a Beaglier.

Hope you are all well!

Just wanted to let you know Ubba, now known as Huckleberry, is doing great. He’s settled into North London life and is thriving.

Thanks for everything.


a norfolk Mountain dog / sharp eagle girl.

I just wants to email and send you an update of our beautiful girl we got from you guys, as today we celebrated her 1st Birthday so she has almost been with us a year. 

What a year it’s been. She has been amazing, puppy training went well. She absolutely loves all dogs, people and the outdoors. She has a great temperament and has brought us so much joy. 


Frank, a Mini Daxi.

At his new home, and exploring the big wide world.


sunny, a cavapoo.

a lively little lad, and well settled in to his new home.


percy, a cavapoo.

4 months old now, and doing very well at his new home


Albi,  a J.R.T.



Hux, a Beaglier.

Despite being warned several times, the view is just better from on the table.


Lynx and Max, 2 Cockapoos.

Lynx is three and a half, Max is approaching two.

Only distantly related, despite the appearance.


Dude, a Poochon.

Some pictures of him after his first haircut.


Arthur, a Borderpoo.

Some nice pictures


Freddie, a Jackapoo.

Coming along nicely, and easy to train apparently.


Lisa, a Cavapoo.

All grown up now.


Toby, a Mini Daxi.

Some pictures of him growing up.


Dude, a Poochon.

Just some pics, sent to us.


Waffle, a Cavapoo.

A picture of her on the first day at her new home.


Vector, a Beaglier boy.

out walking in the woods, now that he is old enough to do so.


Luther, a mini-dax. 

looking happy at his new home.


Angus, a Cockalier.

Came back for a visit, and such a pretty boy.


Arthur, a Borderpoo.

All grown up, and just had his first clipping done.


Huxley, a Beaglier.

At his new home.


Daisy, the Norfolk Mountain Dog.

Seems to be settling in just fine. 


Layla, the Beaglier.

some pictures of her at her new home.


Samuel the Spaniel.

one of our puppies from 2017, born on Christmas eve. Seen here with his Christmas/birthday presents.

also being muddy, which he likes to do apparently.


Arthur, a 6 month old Borderpoo puppy, and his certificate for passing his puppy classes exam.



A Beaglier puppy, of ours, from 2016.   pretty girl.


I’m new here…

One of our Jackapoo puppies went to his new home, and look who he met…




Melon, a Daxi puppy.

Just a cute picture.


Willow, a Cavapoo girl.

One of our puppies, and the picture was sent to us after she had had her first clip.


bridey, a Cockapoo.

This is Bridey, a Cockapoo girl that we are getting a passport done for. As her siblings have now left, she is home alone, and so we have her running around with us. Helping to tidy up the garden here.


Norfolk Mountain Dog puppies (Sharp Eagles) doing their lap-dog training – although they are never going to be lap-dogs, they grow too big for that. They barely fit now, and  I will need longer legs in a week or so, just to get them all on.


A bowl of puppies.

Seems that they like sleeping here – they have scooched themselves in quite nicely. Mum actually had food under them, but she waited patiently for them to move.


Chunky puppies.

A litter of puppies at 12 days old. This is, pretty much, all they do at the moment – apart from feed, and the do rouse themselves for that.



Some pictures of Molly, one if our Norfolk Mountain Dogs, that we have had staying here for a few days. also known as a sharp eagle, Molly is 9 months old here. Molly is a Beagle/Shar pei f1 hybrid.

Such a friendly girl, molly mixed right in with our own dogs, and she was a delight to have around. I have also put in a picture of her as a puppy, just to show how the beagle side has come out as she has grown.

and, as a puppy……


Group photo.

a mixed bag of puppies, all taking it easy on a February day. The Mini Dax is Daphne, the Cavapoo (back right)) is Messi and the others are Cockapoo girls (back to front, keeley, Willow and Adele)




A little puppy video-clip. This is just of pups playing around during the day. There are a mixture here. tHey are mainly Cavapoos, including an older one that is waiting for his passport to be done. There is also a Cockapoo and a Mini Dax, who is also awaiting a passport. They seem to enjoy themselves, and it is all socialisation.


A Beaglier puppy, the last one here of the litter, that had been playing with some Bassets. Seems they needed a nap, and so piled into a basket. The Beaglier did well to make sure he was on top, as he is quite a bit smaller.