Just bits of stuff, really. Odd pictures, and other bits, that don’t have a specific place to be. We get them, so thought I would give them a little home of their own.


Arthur, a 6 month old Borderpoo puppy, and his certificate for passing his puppy classes exam.



A Beaglier puppy, of ours, from 2016.   pretty girl.


I’m new here…

One of our Jackapoo puppies went to his new home, and look who he met…




Melon, a Daxi puppy.

Just a cute picture.


Willow, a Cavapoo girl.

One of our puppies, and the picture was sent to us after she had had her first clip.


bridey, a Cockapoo.

This is Bridey, a Cockapoo girl that we are getting a passport done for. As her siblings have now left, she is home alone, and so we have her running around with us. Helping to tidy up the garden here.


Norfolk Mountain Dog puppies (Sharp Eagles) doing their lap-dog training – although they are never going to be lap-dogs, they grow too big for that. They barely fit now, and  I will need longer legs in a week or so, just to get them all on.


A bowl of puppies.

Seems that they like sleeping here – they have scooched themselves in quite nicely. Mum actually had food under them, but she waited patiently for them to move.


Chunky puppies.

A litter of puppies at 12 days old. This is, pretty much, all they do at the moment – apart from feed, and the do rouse themselves for that.



Some pictures of Molly, one if our Norfolk Mountain Dogs, that we have had staying here for a few days. also known as a sharp eagle, Molly is 9 months old here. Molly is a Beagle/Shar pei f1 hybrid.

Such a friendly girl, molly mixed right in with our own dogs, and she was a delight to have around. I have also put in a picture of her as a puppy, just to show how the beagle side has come out as she has grown.

and, as a puppy……


Group photo.

a mixed bag of puppies, all taking it easy on a February day. The Mini Dax is Daphne, the Cavapoo (back right)) is Messi and the others are Cockapoo girls (back to front, keeley, Willow and Adele)




A little puppy video-clip. This is just of pups playing around during the day. There are a mixture here. tHey are mainly Cavapoos, including an older one that is waiting for his passport to be done. There is also a Cockapoo and a Mini Dax, who is also awaiting a passport. They seem to enjoy themselves, and it is all socialisation.


A Beaglier puppy, the last one here of the litter, that had been playing with some Bassets. Seems they needed a nap, and so piled into a basket. The Beaglier did well to make sure he was on top, as he is quite a bit smaller.