These little darlings have all found homes now.

A litter of f1 shihpoo puppies, five boys and a girl, that we have here now.  These little dears are due to be ready to leave us from the 5th of February onwards. 

they have a shih tzu mum and a miniature poodle dad, pra clear, and class as being a hypoallergenic type of dog.

these darling pups are now at the point where we are starting to look for homes for them, and you would be welcome to come and meet them.

  Updated pictures, the ones from when they were younger are further down the page.  They are nearly 6 weeks of age in these ones.

these first pictures are of them at 4 weeks of age, before they even have names.  There will be more to follow, as they get bigger.  we hope you like them, and please get in touch if we can be of any help at all.