This page is for dogs that we have for rehoming. 

This page used to be for other people’s dogs, but new regulations mean that we now have dogs of our own on here. Very sad that, but I should explain.

  WE are a council licenced breeding kennels, and The change in regulations that I mentioned is to do with how a dog is “classified” on our licence.

Until the change our retired dogs were not counted on our licence – they were just pets. as such we just kept them here.  We have the room, and the people, and so it was never a problem for us.  We thought that they still done a job for us, and they “taught” any new dogs how things worked around here.  This was the way things worked for years, quite successfully, and we were quite happy with the system. 

However, there is a new rule now, and that has caused us to have to make this unwelcome change.  Any retired dog now remains on our licence, and we are only allowed a limited number.  We have found that, sadly for us, we don’t have the room on our licence to allow us to keep all of our retired girls as well as our working ones. 

very sad, but it seems you can’t argue with the rules – and we have tried! 

These are lovely dogs, and  we are looking for really good homes for them.  Please get in touch if you think that you can be a new family for any that we have here.